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easy partner yoga poses

The following couples yoga poses are for beginners. These include partner yoga stretches and beginner yoga moves. Later on, in the medium and hard couples yoga poses, you’ll do acro yoga beginner moves.

When we practiced these poses together, it helped to do so after a glass of wine. It was fun and quite funny. Plus, this counts as healthy alcohol consumption

However, make sure you don’t do anything risky. If either of you are uncomfortable doing one of these partner yoga poses, skip it or find a spotter to help. 

1. Stacked Child’s Pose

This first couples yoga position might be a new one for you. The stacked couples child’s pose is so photogenic you should probably Instagram this with your partner immediately.

Although funny looking, this duo yoga pose will relieve tension in your lower back. A padded surface would be far more comfortable than stone tiles. We only use this mat from YOGO.

2. Partner Back Stretch

This two person, beginner yoga pose feels fantastic. Plus, your partner is always more fun to stretch with than a stability ball.

Although it looks a little funny, it still works when a 5’4″ wife lifts her 6’1″ husband.

3. Couples Camel Pose

Another great back stretch, this pose emphasizes lengthening the quads and hip flexors. To safely complete this beginner couples yoga pose, follow these steps:

  1. Put your knees together
  2. Grab your partner’s forearms
  3. Lean back into camel pose
  4. Keep your chest open and flex your core by pulling your belly button toward your spine
  5. It feels even better to relax your head and neck
  6. Be careful not to turn your head to the side

If you notice tight hip flexors and quads during this couple yoga pose, we recommend you start using a standing desk

4. Partner Side Angle Pose

Side angle pose is an excellent couples yoga position for beginners. Make sure you alternate sides. Keep your feet perpendicular and gaze up at your hand. 

If you have a hard time reaching your partner’s hand, you can use a yoga strap, hand towel, or t-shirt.

5. Cheeky Forward Fold

This easy couple yoga pose gets a little cheeky.

In forward fold, don’t lock your knees. If you need to bend your knees (like Ryan), that’s fine. Focus on keeping your spine long instead of rounding your back. You can also do a wide-legged forward fold.

Although not pictured in our duo yoga pose, it’s extra credit if you get a little cheeky and bump buns with your partner. 

6. Triangle For Two

This standing partner yoga pose is another excellent hamstring stretch. Triangle is a beginner yoga pose that anyone can do. If you’re less flexible, touch your shin or knee instead of your ankle or the floor.

It’s important not to apply pressure with your hand, especially if it’s on your knee. You can also place your hand on a yoga block or water bottle to make the floor higher. Lastly, make sure your back foot is at a 45-degree angle and never lock your knees. 

7. Cobra Back Bend

This partner yoga pose stretches your lower back. For the person on the floor, it will also stretch their shoulders and chest. Take turns standing and lying down. Finally, make sure to engage your core. 

8. Seated Cat For Couples

Engage your core, tuck your chin, pull your belly in, and lean back. You can pull away from each other to go deeper into the stretch. 

9. Partner Yoga Twist

To properly complete this easy couple yoga pose, lengthen your spine, sit up straight, breathe, and enjoy the couples yoga spinal twist.

10. Child’s Pose And Fish

A padded surface is helpful for this couples yoga pose. While in child’s pose, you can experiment with your knees together or spread open, deepening the stretch.

11. Partner Yoga Tree Pose

Couples tree pose is the classic couple balancing pose. It’s even more challenging to balance when you’re attached to your partner.

Depending on your flexibility, keep your foot above or below your knee to avoid putting pressure on your knee. This is one of our signature poses that we love to highlight in Instagram. It’s easier said than done!


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