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Yoga Studio in Fountain Hills and Online

Yoga Village Fountain Hills

Yoga Village is a vibrant part of the yoga community in Fountain Hills - and everywhere via our online classes. Students of all skill and experience levels are welcomed and encouraged to strengthen their bodies, settle their minds, and soothe their souls. We pride ourselves in providing the highest level of instruction for over 18 years! Our teachers are all certified and dedicated to continuing their own exploration of the treasures of yoga. Come join us to learn about yoga, your body, and your Self!

Reopening In the Time of Covid…



We are SO excited to reopen our Fountain Hills studio and share the practice with community, face to face as well as online. Our new schedule is posted in our online scheduler, showing our in-studio classes that begin May 1. Note that many classes are listed twice - as ‘in-studio’ and as ‘livestream’ - be sure to pick the one format you want. We are starting a bit ‘soft’ but plan to adjust and expand the schedule as everything gets going. Please read about how we can safely enjoy our studio classes, below. Call with any questions and we look forward to seeing you soon!

The livestream and library classes have worked very well and we’ve gotten great feedback about them. It’s been wonderful to stay connected as people travel and to reconnect with people who have moved from the area as an added bonus! This format also provides more freedom in participation (don’t need a babysitter! don’t need transportation! can watch anytime via the online library!). And we know that many of you are rightly concerned about your own health or the possibility of unintentionally spreading the virus to others. Our safety precautions for in-studio classes include:

  • All of our in-studio teachers are vaccinated.

  • We request that only vaccinated students attend class and invite not-vaccinated students to join us online.

  • Masks are required inside except when you are on your mat. Wear a mask when walking around the room.

  • Class size is limited, registration is required. We will have safe distances between mats.

  • We will avoid sequencing that likely produces heavy breathing. We ask if you do feel out of breath to take a small break rather than breathing hard.

  • Teacher will provide verbal adjustments only.

  • We will keep doors open, temperature and noise permitting.

As you plan, know that we have done away with public props. Please bring your own to the studio. We will keep a small supply that can be rented - mostly for out of town visitors - and they will be ‘quarantined’ between uses.

We joyfully look forward to this new start and brightened energy. Your patience and support has been lovingly appreciated.

What People Are Saying


 “What an amazing way to get in shape and center both physically and emotionally!”

— CB, Scottsdale

"I just love being here. I've been practicing yoga for about 7 years now and your studio and instructors are just the best! You really push me to try new things and I'm doing poses deeper than I ever have before. Thank you so much."

— EL, Fountain Hills

“I worked at the right pace for me, starting with building confidence, having lots of support available and increasing level of challenge.  I felt really good!”

— RS, Fountain Hills

Yoga Classes

“I just wanted to let you know how much I’ve been enjoying the studio and the classes.  I’ve started a yoga journal and am surprised how quickly it’s filling with things I learn from you and your amazing teachers.  Be it posture based or life lessons, there’s just so so so so much I take from the studio each time I leave.  I love that it’s more than just a place to come and sweat and practice – it’s a place to change our lives and improve our daily experiences in the world.” LM


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