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* Patent PendingKey Features

Competitive Intelligence

Easily uncover the competition landscape by knowing your competitors’ PPC and Organic campaign strategies in seconds.

Keyword Research

Build a profitable list of keywords using your competitors’ keywords and by accessing a massive database of related and similar terms and phrases.

Budget Statistics

Know the ad spending of your target sites for you to benchmark your ad campaigns against other advertisers in your niche.

Market Reports

Get a detailed list of the top sites and keywords in the online industry. Check out who made it on top based on different search advertising criteria.

ROI Indicator

Pinpoint exactly the profitable keyword and ad-copy combinations of your competitors without the hassle.

Advanced Searches

Get the exact data you need by having powerful searching options such as searching by domain, keywords, destination URL and ad copy content.

Daily Updates

Enjoy the benefits of getting real-time and accurate data for you to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Advanced Metrics

Measure the effectiveness of keywords based on gauging statistics such as Cost per Click, Search Volume, Position, and other valuable metrics.


  • “You guys have a great service – not only does it provide amazing, actionable information, but you present the data in an intuitive, easy to group format. I heartily recommend KeywordSpy to all my readers. And hope that my clients’ competitors never discover it.”
  • ~ Howie Jacobson, PhD
    Author, Adwords for Dummies
  • “With just few searches and clicks, I was able to do comprehensive set of ad campaign groups that keep my Adwords’ Quality Score consistently high and my minimum keyword bids low! KeywordSpy is simply a stellar product.”
  • ~ Joyce Miner
    Adwords Qualified Individual
    ClickGravity, Oregon
  • “ – Best Tool By Far For Anyone.”

  • ~ Chris Zee
    Campaign Manager
    Games lol, Among Us Online

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