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Tai Chi

Gain Grace, Balance, Confidence and Ease

Growing in popularity in the west, tai chi bears the benefits of greater balance, calm, blood pressure reduction, lower body strength and increased upper body range of motion are a few of the bonus side effects to those who practice. Tai Chi at Zen Wellness is carefully crafted to aid the age range of 55-98.



Discover Your Personal Power

Widely known for its benefits of both inner peace and physical benefits such as flexibility and strength - Zen Yoga blends the popular art of yoga with the medicine of TCM. Imagine a quite space on your own personal mat where you are able to simply focus on you and the present moment without the distraction of the outer world. Once you experience a class with our qualified instructors, you are sure to find your home for wellness in our Zen Yoga classes.



Recapture Your Vitality and Soothe Your Nerves

Simply put, Qi = Energy and Gong = Work. In Qigong, you will work on balancing your daily energy levels. Weather you are always reaching for another cup of coffee to boost your energy or tend to be on the anxious hyper side of life, our qigong classes will help you find balance with mindful movements, breath work and visualizations.



Live intentionally

Mindfulness is the cornerstone of our mission, and will be found in all classes. However, there is one very key thing to mindfulness, this is learning to manage the mind. At Zen Wellness we teach mantra classes that are ancient methods to manage both steady breathing and a focused mind.  


Clear Your Mind Find The Inner Freedom

Bagua is an advanced art, and usually practiced after one has accomplished some rank of tai chi. Full of twists and turns, this somewhat technical movement benefits ones physical body by both twisting and clearing organs, tissues and muscles as well as developing dynamic balance and coordination. A great technique to keep a youthful mind and body.


Masters Path

Contemplation, Renewal, Deeper Understanding

For those seeking both the depth of movement and theory, Zen Wellness Masters Path includes movement, lecture and community for the seeker of greater awareness and the higher levels of anti- aging. Masters Path includes direct master to student teachings and greater personal attention to ones path of commitment to both the science and art that makes up this ancient lineage.



Online Self-Paced Study

Know you would like to learn how to both embody this knowledge deeper and pass it down to the next person in line with integrity? Choose a certification path in yoga, qigong or tai ji and begin the inspiring journey of becoming a part of the Zen Wellness Instructors Panel.


Silver & Fit and Renew Active

Choice of 1 classes per week or subsidy towards any program

We do accept the Silver & Fit Insurance Program Benefit, if you have this program you may attend our facility for Free - 1 classes a week. Or you may use your benefit as a subsidy towards any of our programs.



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