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We regularly hold shorter 2-hour workshops, longer 4-5 hours Practice Intensives, as well as  Learning Weekends to intensify, deepen, and hone the practice and teachings of Yoga

Our state-of-the-art Rope Wall with adjustable padded slings enables a variety of poses on and off the floor!

We hold Inversion Training using the inversion bench allowing safe risk-free inversions.

We regularly hold focused workshops on Standing Poses, Forward Folds, Backward Extensions, Balancing Poses, Spinal Twists, Hip Openers,  and Therapy Balls, etc.

We offer Introductory  and Intensive Workshops on Meditation, Pranayama, Home Practice, Yin Yoga, and a host of  other relavant topics.

Our next Yoga Advanced Studies Program is scheduled to begin in Septemper 2021!

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