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Discover Yoga was established in 1997 in the Stonehouse bookstore in Redmond. Since its inception, the teachers and staff have been committed to serving our students through instruction of yoga postures, breathing and meditation techniques as well as the history and philosophy of Yoga. In the tradition of Sri Krishnamacharya, known as Viniyoga, our instructors have learned to adapt each class to the needs of the students. Viniyoga’s focus on individualized teaching, modifications and adaptations of the poses, and attention to breath provide the opportunity to begin at any level and deepen your practice with each class you attend.

You won’t find any one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter yoga at DY. Viniyoga is all about adapting all of the postures and techniques to the individual student. Each class at our studio is different and reflects the needs of the students practicing in class that day. Our instructors are all trained to adapt and modify the poses to help make them accessible in some form to every student. Some of our students even practice all or part of their class seated in a chair! 

To support health and wellness we offer classes for every level, ability and stage of life.

To deepen self-awareness we teach in a style that allows you to slow down, be still and listen to your body.

To build community our classes are taught in a circle and we do a quick check in with every student at the beginning and end of class. We offer group drop in classes, private yoga instruction, workshops, series and special events to share the gifts of yoga.

Who can benefit from our classes?

  • Adults that want to deepen their connection to their own inner peace and well-being

  • Adults in life transition

  • Adults with physical limitations

  • Adults that want to relieve tension in the body and mind

  • New Parents

  • Pregnant individuals looking to gain strength and flexibility while preparing their body for birth

  • Kids & Teens


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