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Home of Anusara Yoga, Meditation and Other Awakening Practices


We are together in community, with the following ways to join our classes:

WYC in-person classesWYC park classesWYC online classes

WYC online daily morning meditations and hatha classes:
Join us at class-time: Enter password: WYC 

WYC park class location: Riverside Park, Hudson level at 75-76th street, on the baseball field just north of the bathrooms

A haven for Yoga students for almost 50 years, the World Yoga Center was created with a pioneering and idealistic spirit at a time when a whole generation was passionate for higher consciousness and Truth. Its vision today – as it was in 1972 – is to encourage students to develop their relationship with their own essential Self so they can live life more fully, from the vantage point of higher awareness.

The World Yoga Center welcomes students of all ages, at every level of ability. Through the Yoga practices, students embark on an awakening journey of transformation while developing bodies that glow with health and fitness.

  • Gifted and experienced instructors trained in Anusara Yoga
  • Authentic teachings and a joyful atmosphere of community
  • Small classes where beginners receive the personal attention they need to practice the poses with optimal alignment
  • Integration of meditative awareness into the physical practices

The entire WYC faculty functions as a teaching team guided by the wisdom of Yoga passed down through a lineage that is thousands of years old. Each teacher holds the heart of this tradition in his or her own unique way bringing rich experience, well-honed skills and personal commitment. Rudrani, WYC Director and Founder, learned directly from a living master and sustains the core vision of the school as a mystic, healer, scholar, and experienced guide.

We are 49 years old, one of the oldest schools in NYC.
Enjoy this compiled video of the school's
40th birthday celebration in 2012.


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