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It's amazing how much little details (like placemats and table linens) can enhance the look of your home. They add a sense of style, telling your guests something about who you are. And they add a bit of whimsy that helps you feel cozier in your own space. Crochet placemats are also functional; they help to protect your table (or other surfaces) from spills, scratches, and scrapes.

Placemats are affordable crochet projects to make, and in the long run, a good set of placemats will usually pay for itself. Of course, you might want to make more than one set. Many people enjoy swapping out their placemats for different seasons, holidays and special occasions. With so many crochet placemat patterns to choose from, you'll never find yourself short of inspiration for your own handmade table decor. Here are some free patterns for crochet placemats. 


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