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Armored Knights in battle…
Kings and Queens garbed in fine linen and silk….
Lords and Ladies dining in a feast hall by candle light…

You can be there!

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SCA Membership

You are not required to buy a membership before you start attending practices, meetings, and events, however, members do receive discounts on event entry fees. Paid membership is a requirement for holding an SCA office, and in some kingdoms you must have a membership in order to take part in combat activities and to be eligible to receive awards.

Paid Members get these Benefits!

  • Discounts on event admission fees
  • Membership card – check in at events quickly by presenting your card
  • Voting privileges in your local group – polls on local group matters are sent to those on the membership list
  • SCA Publications – while the kingdom newsletters and Board Minutes can be accessed publically, paid members have the option to subscribe to paper versions, as well as subscribing to Tournaments Illuminated (the quarterly magazine of the Society), and the Compleat Anachronist booklet series.

Additionally, your fees help support the SCA infrastructure, including worldwide liability coverage for our chapters, and the ability to maintain consistent rules and standards throughout the Society.

Membership Levels

Sustaining Membership ($45) – available to US and APO addresses. Sustaining members may purchase printed publications and subscriptions for an additional cost.

Associate Membership ($30) – Associate members may not purchase
printed publications or subscriptions.

International Membership ($56) – same as Sustaining, for non-US addresses

NOTE: If you live in the UK/Republic of Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Australia, or New Zealand, please visit the membership registration pages for those SCA Affiliates:
SCA-UK | Finland | Sweden | Australia | New Zealand

Family Membership ($10 each, $30 cap) – can be purchased by Sustaining or International members for family members residing at the same address.

Purchase Membership now

Paper Membership Forms

To join by mail, print paper forms for U.S. or International membership. People without computer access can request forms by mailing the Member Services Office.

General Membership FAQs:

How do I add Family members on-line?

Family Memberships can be purchased by an existing Sustaining or International Member. Family Members include one additional adult and any children (21 and under) living at the same address as the Sustaining / International member. The cost is $10 per person, with a cap of $30.

Log on to the Membership Portal and click on the “My Membership” button, then “Add Family Members”. You will be taken to a page where any existing family members will be displayed. Click the “Add another Family Member” button.

How can I update my contact information or personal information?

Sustaining, International, and Associate members can log on to the Membership Portal and click on the “My Membership” button, then “Change Your Personal Information.” Mailing address, phone number, email address, or SCA name can be updated. (Please note that while the SCA name you enter will be printed on your membership card, actual registration of SCA names is done through the SCA College of Heralds.)

How do I add Publications subscriptions to my membership?

You may purchase subscriptions to paper copies of any kingdom newsletters, the Board Proceedings (Minutes), Compleat Anachronist, or Tournaments Illuminated.

Log on to the Membership Portal and click on the “My Membership” button, then “Add Publications.” Subscription costs will be prorated for the remaining length of your membership.

I need an immediate proof of membership, before my card arrives

Log on to the Membership Portal and click on the “My Membership” button, then on “Reprint Proof of Membership.” The proof of membership letter will list your name, membership number and type, the beginning and end dates of your membership, and whether you signed the liability waiver.

If you are unable to retrieve a proof of membership letter, you can send a self-addressed stamped postcard (not index card) to Member Services (see above) for proof of membership.

I need a replacement membership card

Log on to the Membership Portal and click on the “My Membership” button, then on “Request a New Membership Card.”

I have a white membership card – how do I get a blue card?  /  Where can I get a waiver form?

A white membership card indicates that the Member Service Office does not have a signed waiver on file for you.

Log on to the Membership Portal and click on the “My Membership” button, then “Sign Waiver of Liability.”


Contact the Member Services Office by phone or mail.

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