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  • TruFusion Walnut Creek

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    Locally owned & operatedBoutique

    “I have several memberships to different gyms, and I joined TruFusion in Walnut Creek when they opened in August because like many of us, we get bored of the same routine. TruFusion is a different kind of place,…” more

  • David Schlussel

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    Established in 2002Satisfaction guaranteed

    “Now booking private 1-1 sessions. As a special gift to everyone who comes from Yelp, I’m offering a free 30 minute session to help you discover the number one thing you need to do to…” more

  • Yoga Flow SF - Union St

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    “Enjoy an unlimited class pass for $25 your first week at Yoga Flow SF! Locals only. Activates on first class.” more

  • Pilates Tiburon Firon Fitness

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    “I would give Sky and her studio 10 stars if Yelp would let me. I have tried everything from spinning, yoga to personal trainers. I wasn't able to stick with any of them. I am shocked how utterly hooked I am to…” more

  • Yoga Flow SF - Noe

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    “Enjoy an unlimited class pass for $25 your first week at Yoga Flow SF! Locals only.Live stream only. Activates on first class.” more

  • Ritual Hot Yoga

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    “This is by far my favorite yoga studio. The studio is clean, friendly and fully equipped. I appreciate that they offer private session, in which I am able to ask questions and fix my…” more

  • Inward

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    Certified professionals15 years in business

    “I am here to support you and give you tools to discover and uncover your deepest self (self knowledge) in knowing and embracing who you really are and what you want- bringing you…” more

  • Yoga Flow SF - Ocean

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    “New Student Special! $25 for one week of Unlimited Live Stream Yoga! New Students only.” more

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  • Yoga Garden SF

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    “Yoga Garden SF has been my saving grace during the pandemic. They quickly moved classes online when” more

  • The Mindful Body

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    “Please stop this virtual class nonsense! Let your massage therapist make a living. All metaphysical” more

  • Bija Yoga Studio

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    “I signed up for a restorative yoga and sound healing with Amber and Jennifer. Lo and behold it” more

  • Hot Yoga Plus Seacliff

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    “ to inquire about the starting hot yoga classes with this Groupon. As this was my 1st time there, I wore” more

  • Yoga Flow SF - Union St

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    “I used to love Yoga Flow. I was a loyal yogi of theirs for many years. Prior to covid, I purchased” more

  • Yoga Flow SF - Noe

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    “ classes and among my faves are Jackie's mellow flow class on T/Th morning and Lane's Yoga Nidra class” more

  • House of Sattva Ashtanga Yoga SF

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    “ yoga studio, and if I had lived closer I would continue into the inherited hands because I wouldn't” more

  • Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco

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    “ can take a class with highly trained instructors of the original teachings of yoga.” more

  • YuBalance

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    “ the COVID 19 pandemic and quarantine, the zoom classes from home have been a life saver. The trainers” more

  • Yoga Flow SF - Ocean

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    “It's okay. The classes are too short and there aren't many offered. It's a nice space tho.” more

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  • Vivian Võ Yoga

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    “Vivian knows EXACTLY what adjustments I need in my body. Her hands on adjustments are SPOT on. She is so in-tune with what my body needs. I have tense shoulders and weak hips (from sitting at my desk all day…” more

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  • Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

    What are some popular services for yoga?

    Some popular services for yoga include:

    • Virtual Classes

    What are people saying about yoga in San Francisco, CA?

    This is a review for yoga in San Francisco, CA:

    "Yoga Garden SF has been my saving grace during the pandemic. They quickly moved classes online when the shutdown happened, which meant that someone like me, who lives in OC, could practice right along with their amazing instructors. And even as things have opened back up, they continue to offer livestream classes. As long as they do that, I will continue to renew my membership with them. They offer a variety and a number of classes every day, plus replay videos that you can watch anytime. Their instructors are incredible! I'm a regular with Roy, Denelle, Christie, and Angelique, but all the classes I've taken have been enjoyable. I feel a community with this studio, even from so far away. Thank you Yoga Garden SF"

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