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how to open Windows Services

This post provides 8 ways for how to open Windows Services in Windows 10, and how to troubleshoot services.msc not opening in Windows 10 problem. MiniTool software also provides free data recovery software, system backup and restore tool, and hard drive partition manager to help you tackle your computer issues.

Windows built-in Service Manager app lists all the services installed by system, drivers and apps. Sometimes you may need to open Windows Services application to start, disable or stop some services. Below we introduces 8 ways to access Windows Services, and how to troubleshoot services.msc not opening Windows 10 issue.

Part 1. How to Open Windows Services Windows 10 – 8 Ways

You can easily access Windows Services in Windows 10 with several ways.

Way 1. How to Open Windows Services from Run

Press Windows + R, type services.msc in Run dialog, and hit Enter key to open it.

open Services from Runopen system information windows 10 11 thumbnail

Way 2. Access Windows Services with Search

Click Start or the Cortana Search Box, type services, and click the best-matched result to open Windows Services application.

open Services from Search

Way 3. Find Windows Services App from Start Menu

Click Start menu, scroll down the list to find Windows Administrative Tools to expand it. Click Services to open it.

find Services from Start menu

Way 4. How to Open Services.msc in Control Panel

Open Control Panel in Windows 10, click System and Security in Control Panel window, and click Administrative Tools. Find Services shortcut in the list and double-click it to open it.

open Services in Control Panel

Way 5. How to Open Services.msc from Command Prompt

Press Windows + R, type cmd, and hit Enter to open Command Prompt in Windows 10. Then type the Windows Services command line services.msc and hit Enter to open it.

open Windows Services CMD

Way 6. Start Services in Windows 10 with PowerShell

Press Windows + X and choose Windows PowerShell to open PowerShell. Type Windows Services command services.msc in PowerShell window, and hit Enter to open Windows Services.

Way 7. Enable Windows Services from Computer Management

Open Computer Management in Windows 10. Click Services and Applications from the left pane to expand it. Click Services to open it.

access Services from Computer Management

Way 8. Create a Shortcut for Windows Services

To quickly access Windows Services application, you can create a desktop shortcut for Windows Services app.

Right-click the black space of computer desktop screen, and click New -> Shortcut. In Create Shortcut window, you can input services.msc, and click Next. Type a name for the shortcut and click Finish to create a shortcut for Windows Services.

Then when you want to open Windows Services, you can double-click its desktop shortcut icon to quickly access it.

Part 2. Troubleshoot Services.msc Not Opening Windows 10

However, sometimes if you encounter services.msc not opening Windows 10 error. You can check the 3 fixes below to solve this problem.

Fix 1. Check the Startup Type of Services

If some Windows Services fail to start, you can follow the ways above to open Windows Services, and find the specific service in the list. Right-click the service and choose Properties. Check if its startup type is set to Disabled, if so, change its startup type, and click Start button to see if it can start.

Fix 2. Start Windows 10 in Safe Mode

If Windows Services won’t start, you can restart your computer to see if it can start. If restarting computer doesn’t fix this issue, you can start Windows 10 into Safe Mode to see if the Services app can start.

Fix 3. RUN SFC (System File Checker) to Repair Corrupt System Files

You can open and run Command Prompt as Administrator. Click Start, type cmd and right-click Command Prompt to choose Run as Administrator.

Then you can type sfc /scannow in Command Prompt window, and hit Enter to let SFC scan and repair Windows 10 corrupt system files.

Then you can check if the Windows Services application can start.

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You can choose one of the 8 ways to easily open Windows Services in Windows 10 to view all running services in system, and start, stop or disable some services.



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