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U.S. Declassifies Nuclear Stockpile Details to Promote Transparency

The United States released newly declassified details about its nuclear stockpile today, including significant progress made in dismantling warheads, in an effort to promote transparency and help stem nuclear proliferation. Story

Gates: Summit Draws Attention to Nuclear Security

The international summit on nuclear security is an opportunity to draw greater attention to the issues of nuclear nonproliferation and the control of nuclear material, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said. Story

Gates Discusses New Nuclear Posture, U.S. Relations With Karzai

While the new U.S. nuclear posture review removed some of the intentional ambiguity from the country’s nuclear policy, “all options are on the table” for countries like North Korea and Iran, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said. Story

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Notable Quotes

    Robert M. Gates, Secretary of Defense

    "The NPR provides a road map for implementing President Obama's agenda for reducing nuclear risks to the United States, our allies and partners and the international community. This review describes how the United States will reduce the role and numbers of nuclear weapons with a long-term goal of a nuclear-free world."

    Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State

    "We are recalibrating our priorities to prevent nuclear proliferation and nuclear terrorism, and we are reducing the role and number of weapons in our arsenal, while maintaining a safe, secure and effective deterrent to protect our nation, allies and partners."

    Steven Chu, Energy Secretary

    "This report reflects the administration's understanding that the effort to reduce nuclear dangers will require an all-out government approach. It also reflects the president's commitment to addressing these issues in a way that improves security for the American people, our friends and allies around the world."

    Adm. Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

    "The chiefs and I fully support the findings of this nuclear posture review, because we believe it provides us and our field commanders the opportunity to better shape our nuclear weapons posture, policies and force structure to meet an ever-changing security environment."

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