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I love massive book series, especially sci-fi/fantasy. I really wish I could forget about and read The Wheel Of Time again for the first time. A few others would be Harry Potter, Runelords, The Culture series, chronicles of Thomas covenant or the Discworld books.

I want to hear which books made you so emotionally invested in the characters lives that you were genuinely sad and upset to say goodbye to them at the end. You patiently waited for every next book in the series and raced through only to be disappointed again when they had to leave until the next instalment. What are the books that when the story ends for good, it's heartwrenching that they have to go forever but you're glad they were part of your life and you feel like you learned great life lessons from their stories.

Edit: thank you for all the amazing recommendations for new books and reminders of awesome books I had forgotten.


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