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Let the transformation begin. An uncluttered purposely designed space with cedar/pine wood accents and rustic trim. A vintage scandinavianian spa look and feel in-side the studio providing space too fully maximize & deepen your practice. Four areas of the overall space include our front porch (every studio in the south should have a front porch), the lobby, the transformative studio, the back lobby/bathroom area.

The front porch features two cedar benches to sit and chat before and after class with the community and connect between classes. Many “life solving conversations have been had on these benches” said one of our yogis.

NWA Hot Yoga - A Transformative Place

The front lobby features a fireplace (really nice on those freezing cold winter mornings for 5:15 am classes) fireplace incased in cedar mantel with quick iPad hastle free class check-in, lobby air diffused with doTerra Brand Essential Oils, features a TV monitor with all studio happenings. Typically bustling between classes an excellent chance to meet other yogis.

The 1,276 square feet studio has clean walls with nothing posted or painted on the wall only the occasional small necessary gaze/dristi mark. Georgian silver (a cool mix of light blue, silver & green) eggshell Spectrum Brand Paint from our neighborhood Spectrum Paint Store (another one of our superb community partners located on J. Street in Bentonville ask for Jerry) covering all the walls. Two large front and back windows on the east wall of the studio with industrial blinds to properly block-out light during day classes during final resting, yin, and other classes requiring less light.

The heat is infrared. Gas heating will be added in the Summer of 2018. We maintain the studio at a 90 F degree temperature or higher during all hot yoga sessions, 365 days per year, proper insulation through walls, floors, and doorways to provide a “cold draft free” environment. We do always maintain a minimum of 4 classes per week that our not hot but 69 F AC degrees.

The air-flow is extremely important and is controlled with a ceiling fan & two floor humidifiers sometimes the simple opening of front and back doors also help. Moving air is important at all times in a hot yoga studio environment and is regulated properly to maximize your experience. “Big Ass Ceiling Fan” (a brand) located in the middle of the studio with a remote control help instructor regular the fan speed while teaching. The fan features thirty-seven speeds and can switch directions for cooling or warming effects.

High quality sound for music (yes most of our classes features music) and is an important ingredient in most if not all classes. Our sound is powered by Harmon Karman, a remote controlled state-of-the-art surround sound system mounted in the middle of studio for optimum sound quality in all areas of studio. The playlist various per class and is determined by the class instructor.

The lighting is another critical part of the experience inside the studio. Twenty-one different levels of lighting can be created. The lighting features 12-cans with 70-watt led lights with dimmers on the outside edge of studio mounted on ceiling accentuating the walls (not in your eyes), a row of 8-cans with 50-watt blue lights in the middle of the space. Two hand-made Scandinavian inspired cedar chandeliers with dimmers and 8- 50-watt bulbs are currently being designed and will be installed Summer 2018, the chandeliers will be located on the north & south side of ceiling fan

The slopping vaulted industrial ceiling is twenty-five feet tall on the north end of the space & fifteen feet at the south end.

The back lobby features a small sitting area to chat before or after class or while in line for the one-bathroom and two additional private changing areas. The founder of the studio was nominated to carry the Olympic Torch for the 1996 & 2004 Olympic Games both torches which will be on display by Summer 2018.

The Olympic Torches will be featured in a cedar LED lit shadow box located on the north wall of the back lobby. His story of his 6 Olympic Games’ achievements- 1996 Atlanta, 1998 Nagano, 2000 Sydney, 2002 Salt Lake City, & 2004 Athens. You will hear the owner talk about his Olympic experiences often and make interesting class themes.

Far east Bentonville & far west area of Rogers, directly across from Sam’s Club Corporate Office & Nunelly Chevrolet

Yoga Location

Free ample parking, easy access to Rogers, and I49 off ramps at Central (north) or Walnut or Walton (South) near. Located in the previous Benton County Accessors’ Office or in the same commercial complex as One-Eyed Jacks Cigar & Whiskey Bar, 2308 SE 28th Street, Unit 1, Bentonville, AR 72712.


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