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I've done hot, sweaty yoga before, and I'll admit that I've even done some yoga poses before getting dressed after my morning shower, but combining the two and doing a Hot Nude Yoga class just seems, well, a bit too racy for this yogi. Call me prude, but I'm just not into sweating it out spread eagle in my birthday suit. Not to mention, I wear a sports bra for a reason, and I think seeing my jiggly parts as well as others would be a total distraction.

Apparently though for some, and it's mostly men, Naked Yoga classes are very popular. Some classes are co-ed, but most are male-only, and are common in gay communities. Studios that offer naked yoga can be found in cities such as Boston, San Francisco, L.A., and Salt Lake City.

Why naked yoga? Unclothed yogis say it helps to deepen their yoga practice, encourages ultimate appreciation, acceptance, and love for their bodies, and also builds intimate bonds with the people in their yoga community. I can only imagine what kinds of "intimate bonds" they are creating. They say it's also fun and a great workout.

One thought that comes to mind though is how awkward it must be to move and sweat on my mat next to other naked folks. I think it'd make me more self-conscious about my body. And what about the sexual energy floating around the room? It'd be tough to concentrate on my breath if there was some hot naked guy in front of me (no offense to my hubby). Plus clothes not only cover up your business, but they're also practical — the fabric absorbs sweat to prevent slipping, and it protects your delicate skin from mat burn.

It's clear that naked yoga just isn't my cup of tea but tell me, would you be into a naked yoga class?


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