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Integrated Thai Table Massage (SEATTLE, WA)

April 23/24, 2022.   9am-6pm


Credits:  16 CE Contact Hours - $320
Prerequisites: None. Open to everyone.

Thai Yoga Massage is an interactive form of meditative bodywork that combines yoga, stretching, gentle rocking, and rhythmic compression along energy lines.  In this 2-day workshop, participants will learn to use their hands, forearms, elbows, and feet to open and gently release blockages that inhibit the flow of energy, or Qi.

While traditional Thai Yoga Massage is performed on a mat, this class has been adapted to those who work on a massage table.  It is suited for clients who are unable to receive bodywork on a mat and is a great way to introduce clients to Thai Yoga Massage.

Essential elements of Thai Yoga Massage, its historical context, and fundamental techniques applied in the supine, prone, side-lying, and seated positions will be taught. Participants will receive a complementary workbook with photographs and detailed descriptions of an introductory sequence of poses, which comprise a 60-90 minute full-body Thai Yoga Massage session.

Participants will practice draping techniques and learn when to integrate a variety of bodywork techniques such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Reflexology into this routine. Class will begin each day with a one-hour yoga warm-up. The course will have lecture, demonstration, and hands-on components. Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion for 16 NCBTMB CE hours.


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