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Feb 11 2021 1 mins  

HalleluYAH AL PRAISES UNTO OUR AB YAHUAH WHO REIGNS ETERNAL IN THE POWER OF HIS EVERLASTING RUACH N TRUTH. HALLELUYAH ALWAYS AND FOREVER AMEIN. AMEIN. WHAT will it profit a man to gain the world but LOSE HIS SOUL? YAHSHAR'AL it's TIME to SHEMA... To hear intelligently and do...This is Obedience. Can there be Repentance without Obedience? WHAT is WRITTEN is WRITTEN for us to DO. Acts 2 gives the Account of the BEAUTIFUL RUACH HA'QODESH falling on the Talmydims and all those who were gathered in the Upper Room... THEY were instructed to wait in Yerushalayim until they had received the Anointing of THE PROMISED GIFT OF YAH... HIS EVERLASTING RUACH HA'QODESH... WHICH after receiving they also received the Gifts of the RUACH and went on to Prophesy...manifesting the Gift of Speaking with Diverse Kinds of Tongues, The Gift of Interpretation of Tongue, The Gift of WISDOM (CHOKMAH), The Gift of Knowledge (DA'ATH), The Gift of Discerning of Spirits and the Gift of Prophecy. We know they had all nine Gifts because they Believed, Healed and Worked Miracles in The POWER of THE RUACH HA'QODESH. WE see as they Prophesied and bore Testimony to AB YAHUAH'S PECACH SACRIFICE KING YAHUSHA WHOM YAHSHAR'AL had Impaled... Having rejected HIM, now were there hearts PRICKED... And they desired to know what to do? Is your heart pricked Beloved? Have you hearken to the Voice of YAH as to the Steps HE has laid out for you and your Seed (Children /Offspring) to be Saved? 🤩For we must SHEMA... WE MUST HEAR, BELIEVE, RECEIVE, REPENT, BE BAPTIZED, RECEIVE FORGIVENESS OF OUR SINS, RECEIVE PARDON AND RECEIVE THE PROMISED GIFT OF THE RUACH HA'QODESH THEN WE GO ON TO WALK IN HIS TORAH AND KEEP YAH'S FEAST DAYS WHICH ARE WRITTEN IN HIS TORAH...🤩 YAHSHAR'AL, OUR FOREFATHERS LOVED TO HEAR THE KNOWLEDGE OF YAH, HOWEVER THEY FELL SHORT BECAUSE THEY DID NOT LOVE HIM WITH ALL THEIR HEARTS, SOULS, MINDS AND STRENGTH... HENCE THEY WENT OFF TO CONTINUE WORSHIPPING IDOLS AND DEVILS. SAD BUT TRUE... AND WE KNOW IT'S TRUE BECAUSE WE FIND OURSELVES SCATTERED IN THE LAND OF OUR CAPTIVITY... JUST AS OUR AB YAHUAH DECREED AGAINST US FOR DISOBEYING HIS VOICE... HIS TORAH... HALLELUYAH WHAT PREVENTS YOU YAHSHAR'AL FROM WALKING IN FULL OBEDIENCE? WHAT PREVENTS YOU FROM DOING AS MESSIYAH KING YAHUSHA TAUGHT? SEE MORE VIA INSTAGRAM @HADAYAHSHALOM --- Support this podcast:


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