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i-speak Conference

November 25 - 27, 2018, San Francisco
The Conference will commence and ratify during the workshops and classes meant to happen for the duration of November.

About Patch Wetzel

I am the Founder and President of PatchWorks Ministries based in Johnstown, Ohio.

It’s my belief that ALL things happen for a reason. It is NO ACCIDENT that we were put on this earth together at this time that we can make a difference in our lives and others’ by bearing and holding each other up in kindness, love, and grace. We are meant to meet, and if you’d care to join us, come be part of the PatchWork  to be connected with one another in all things to make a difference, be the difference in each other’s lives.

Thirty Days More Before the Conference








Panel Interviews

The panel comprise of the set of speakers and the set of audiences comprise of those who will pay the tickets.

Classes & Workshops

The Classes and the workshops are sessions within the conference agenda.

 ROCK - Power of The Breath

Podcast “Bounce”

RUACH Teaching Certification


Live Product Demos

#called ebook is one of the product to be demoed aside from the products that will be showcase in our showrooms.

Online Users Worldwide

Social Media Users

Google averages searches every second

Featured Talks & Speakers

The Speakers are below they shall feature talks and experience and yoga RUACH Sessions, Power of Breath.

Oct. 13 — 11:12 PM

Victoria Mithal

How to give your brand a voice

Oct. 12 — 12:15 AM

Ronaldo Robert

Building Design Systems

Oct. 14 — 07:45 AM

Ionut Zamfir

Rapid Prototyping Tools

Pricing &  Registration

The Price Table is coupled with the perks of the sessions and workshops during the conference.

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