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I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me

Philippians 4:13

Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own;

1 Corinthians 6:19

And We Know All Things Work Together For Good To Them ... All things work together, Scripture, Comforting scripture.

Romans 6:28


I want to welcome you to a glimpse of my life's work, It's my deepest wish that when all is said and done, that I did my best to live for truth and that my life would speak, even shout, of HIM who, through the course of my life, always came for me.
I attribute all this to my savior, my Father God and He who lives in me. If you look at the woven tapestry that is my life; my quirks, eccentricities, habits, abilities, talents that I get to share with my network, circle of influence and community despite (or maybe because) of my warped sense of humor, there is no earthly way I could have orchestrated any or all of this.
On behalf of my amazing, dedicated and wonderful TEAM UNSTOPPABLE.

Patch Wetzel

I am the founder president of PatchWorks Ministries based in Johnstown, Ohio.

It's my belief that all happens for a reason. It is NO ACCIDENT that we were out on this earth together at this time that we can make difference in our lives and others' by bearing and holding each other up in kindness, love, and grace. We are meant to meet, and if you'd care to join us, come be part of the PatchWork to be connected with one another in all things to make a difference, be the difference in each other's lives.

As a RUACH™ Evolution Instructor

The practice of RUACH: Power of the Breath™ prefaces that the Creator breathed His Breath into Adam, that He is closer that our breath, then when Jesus died, he left the Holy Spirit to dwell among us. If you believe those statements to be true, then you are above the noise and chaos of this world because we have been bought at a price that no earthly currency can come against. Even if you don't believe scripture, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual proof exists in the science behind the Power of the Breath.

As a Humanities Coach

Her extensive education and travel background has allowed her to meet people from all different cultures, heritage, assimilations, lifestyles, religion, races and walks of life.

Her studies and travels brought her to the conclusion that we are all equal but different; and that each person only seeks to be heard, understood, accepted, and LOVED, regardless. It's from this simple yet profound discovery that her practice of RUACH: Power of Breath™ draws from the premise that we each have a purpose as long as we have Breath.

It's in recognizing WHI YOU ARE as long as you have breath in your body and recognizing the gift of who others are as long as they have theirs.

To find out more about Patch's workshops series on Perspective, Priorities, and Practice to Connect Passion for Purpose, click this link, Power of the Breath Workshop


Recognize the Power of YOUR Breath. Each session is designed to delve deeper into this power that when understood, can bring clarity and peace as you align yourself with your purpose. Click here to find our events.


Perspective changes everything. When Perspective shifts, we can clarify our Priorities: do the things that matter and stay connected to our purpose.


Not to attain perfection (which is not only an impossibility, but a futile effort) but to simply recognize that there are multiple variables in the variables of every situation. Learning to take control of the situation by letting go to be at peace and to find clarity.

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Here at PatchWorks Ministries and, we believe we are ALL connected and there is Power in that connection. When we create spaces of grace, peace, kindness, love, light, etc., we not only live better, fulfilling lives; we impact and impart that goodness and greatness onto our circles of influence. We then create Lasting Legacies in this and future generations.


is the key to everything. What we do, think, say, eat, feel, they all require awareness and through thin awareness we can grow.


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